Custom, Relocatable Commercial Structures


Just about any need can be met with a commercial structure by Premiere Structures.  They are ideal for accommodating fluctuating numbers of people and short-term usage as well as permanent use.  Each commercial structure is customized with the features and components needed to serve your specific application.  Engineered to the highest degree of structural integrity, you can be assured of long-lasting durability and satisfaction.
Specialty uses are:

  • Restrooms
  • Shower/locker facilities
  • In-plant offices
  • Security/guard posts
  • Pro shops
  • Studios
  • Clinics
  • Childcare facilities

Premiere Structures offers the ideal solution for your growing educational needs. Whether you need additional classrooms, temporary student housing, or administrative offices. Premiere can save you time and money. Because student populations and educational demands often fluctuate from year to year, temporary and modular buildings provide the flexibility and versatility to serve changing needs. Our buildings are quality built with high grade construction materials to ensure structural integrity and lasting value.


When business demands can’t wait, Premiere Structures responds immediately with the right answer. We can custom design the facilities you need to keep your business functioning competitively. Because our buildings are erected faster and more cost efficiently, you experience minimal disruption to your operation. From administrative offices to storage units to temporary on-site job offices, we offer single and multi unit facilities to suit just about any requirement. Most importantly, our buildings are constructed and designed to look and function as professionally as your business.

Premiere Structures modular duplex units are approximately 80% complete when delivered to the job site. All you need to do is prepare the site and complete the rest. The shortened building time of modular construction reduces the cycle time of your loan, thus saving you interest costs. Contact us for more information on how Premiere can help you with your next modular duplex building project!

…”The school complex was the perfect team collaboration between Charles County Public Schools and Premiere Structures, working through the architect and construction contractors. The Premiere Structures school complex includes 30 classrooms, school administration, restroom facilities, faculty workroom and library — totaling over 28,000 square feet. This temporary facility has such a pleasant environment that another nearby elementary school has requested its use during its scheduled renovation. After that, the facility will house adult education and special educational needs of the community.

This facility has demonstrated Premiere Structures’ excellent abilities and commitment to the modular industry as well as our students. The time, commitment, quality of construction, excellent communication, and hands-on service certainly were key elements to the success of this project. The Charles County Public Schools has already built another school expansion complex utilizing Premiere Structures.”

David Clements, AAI
Architectural Associates
Charles County, MD